Out With The Old; In With 2015

2014 was the year of some major beauty dos that I want to see carry forward and many don’ts that never should have been. Here is my little fun list of what 2014 was and what I hope 2015 will be.

Let It Go!

bad browsThe year of dipbrow and “Instagram” brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for all things brows and in 2014 she launched the sometimes infamous dip brow pomade. This product is almost gel like in consistency and has to be applied with a brush. Inexperienced hands tend to over do it and create these very unnatural “Instagram” brows that are sculpted and carved with concealer. This is a trend I hope ends in 2014. One can be hopeful right?

Brint it On!

Instead I like to opt for brows that are full yet not harsh. I want to still see your brow hair not a sharpie like line. And instead of sculpting the brows with concealer, practice getting the proper shape and then clean up as needed.

Let It Go!

bad contouring

Heavy contour and highlight. Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise the overuse of highlight and contour. Ugh. It’s like why even use foundation anymore. Very rarely do these looks translate well in real life and is certainly not needed for everyday wear. When done properly it looks very nice but these YouTube gurus have these consumers fooled into thinking that this is A. a new trend B. you need very specific products to achieve and C. that the highlight and contour placement is the same for everyone. Do me a favor this year and put this trend to its death.

Bring It On!

What happened to beautiful glowing skin? I want that back for 2015. It just looks so healthy! If you still desire some highlight and contour use a deeper and lighter shade foundation. It will blend nicer and look much more subtle and pretty. Let’s forgo the zebra stripes and actually blend our makeup. A subtle contour effect can also be achieved with your choice of blush.

Let It Go!

bad mascara

Spider/Thick/Too Much Lashes. Who doesn’t love a lovely set of lashes. Honestly your lashes can make or break your makeup look. However clumpy mascara isn’t the way to go. I know you’ve seen it; those 3D fiber lashes. And in my opinion they are terrible. They look clumpy and they will break your makeup look. The same applies to super long and super thick stacked lashes. They also have a way of making your eyelids look heavy and can actually close your eyes making them appear smaller. Just. Say. No.

Bring It On!

Instead you can opt for beautiful lash extensions that will look more natural and you can skip that step during your morning makeup routine. If you prefer the mascara route then a great tip is to wiggle the applicator from side to side as you apply mascara. This will help reduce clumps. Also as you pull the wand from the tube be sure to remove excess product. If you still get a few clumps you can take a clean mascara wand or spooley and go over your lashes to remove.


Let’s make 2015 our most beautiful year yet!!

beautiful makeup for 2015


You Can Be An Angel Too!

I don’t know about you guys but last night I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was taped in London a few weeks ago. This year I was more excited than ever because of the media frenzy leading up to the taping. All of the major mags shared pictures aboard the chartered flight to London which made all of us majorly jealous. They were greeted by VS blankets and swag bags and there was a cute pink carpet on the runway.

This years show certainly didn’t disappoint. The visuals were even more stunning, the wings were larger and the entertainment was superb. But of course I was paying attention to the makeup. According to key makeup artist Dick Page this year’s show was less focused on bronzed beauty and focused instead on a glow from within. He used minimal foundation, made sure skin was properly hydrated and that he actually used a red cream color by Kryolan to create a healthy flush in the cheek and nose area.

So angels, you too can get that lit from within glow using just a few key items.

My take on Victoria's Secret Angel Makeup

I’m a VS Angel!

  1. Tinted Moisturizer. I used one from NYX which helped me hydrate my skin and give me just enough coverage to even my skin tone.
  2. Rosy Blush. Dick Page used a Kryolan color which is popular in theatrical makeup. However, you can get a nice flush from Benetint by Benefit. It’s a red cheek stain and looks great on multiple skin tones and can be layered for added effect.
  3. Taupe eye shadow works well on all skin tones and adds definition but still looks very natural. Try the Hefner Eye Shadow by Love, Beauty Cosmetics. For my look I also layered brown and black eye liner and topped it with a Rimmel mascara.
  4. Pink Lips. This was the theme of last night. Some pinks were soft and innocent while others were bold and brazen but they never strayed. For this look I used Honey Lust Lipstick by Love, Beauty Cosmetics and mixed it with Paint Job Lip Gloss also by Love, Beauty Cosmetics. There are also other soft pink options like Ballet Slipper and Mingle all by Love, Beauty Cosmetics.

Leave your Angel inspired pics below!

Blushing Gilt: A production by Love, Beauty Cosmetics

Happy Makeup Monday Beauties!

Blushing GiltI know I say this every time but I have been so crazy working on a project so big that it consumed me for a little while. I have launched my Love, Beauty Cosmetics company and I have named my very first fall collection Blushing Gilt.

Fall has been the inspiration behind this introductory collection. I was inspired by the clothes that are hot this fall. Honestly, I have to give thanks to Lubna of Lubna Designs for her inspiring fall collection. From the new wardrobe I was able to pull colors for both eyeshadows and lips that would complement them.

What sets me apart is that my shadows are triple milled and come packed with pigment yet are easily blended. The hues will create any fall look that is perfect for the day or night. The lipsticks and glosses complement the shadows nicely as well and are packed with Vitamin E which nourishes and protects the lips.

Stay posted for the official launch! Have a Beautiful Day!

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Beauty In Review: CoverGirl’s Colorlicious Lip Gloss

Hi Beauties! I have to start off by apologizing for not adding new content sooner. I’m soooo sorry. Life sometimes gets in the way and between the illness and death of my grandfather and opening my new Beauty Boutique life got kind of crazy. But I’m back and excited to bring you new beauty news!

So a few months ago I was doing research in my beauty magazines about the newest products getting ready to hit the shelves. One of the products that caught my eye was the new gloss from CoverGirl called Colorlicious. This collection boasts 13 colors and the tagline is:

Shades that never lie. 13 luscious glosses with true to the tube shades. What you see is what you get!”

Display at Target

Display at Target

So I searched every drugstore high and low for about the past month and a half with no luck. It was this past weekend when I was getting a lipstick for a bride that I saw them! I knew I had to have it. I was so happy to see that a drugstore brand had gloss comparable to my $20 tubes. I ended up buying three shades; Give me Guava, Whipped Berry and Succulent Citrus. They look so vibrant in the tubes so I couldn’t wait for them to be true to color. If you know me then you know I love bold lips!

My 3 purchases Give me Guava, Succulent Citrus and Whipped Berry

My 3 purchases Give me Guava, Succulent Citrus and Whipped Berry

So I intentionally did not wear any lip color to the store so I could immediately put my color on. Imagine my disappointment when the bolder colors weren’t so true to the tube. The formula is sheer and barely buildable without greasy looking lips. Plus they kind of made my lips tingle a little. I hate Whipped Berry. Succulent Citrus is tolerable and I actually like Give me Guava. Give me Guava is a natural sheer color anyway so you can pair it with a nice lipstick.

Bottom line, don’t waste your money. There are other affordable true to color glosses that don’t require layer upon layer to be able to see the color.



My favorite of the 3 Give me Guava

My favorite of the 3 Give me Guava

Succulent Citrus. It's not very vibrant tho

Succulent Citrus. It’s not very vibrant tho

You see the look on my face? Whipped Berry is a flop

You see the look on my face? Whipped Berry is a flop

The Makeup Show Chicago Part 1

image (15)

Makeup by Roshar for Makeup First

Hello Beauties!!!!

First off, I owe you all a HUGE apology. I had some technical issues and that prevented me from being able to keep you posted on my adventures. So we have a ton of things to catch up on! For starters, this past weekend I went all the way to Chicago (it’s really not that far lol) for The Makeup Show. This is America’s largest PRO ONLY makeup event. It was so exciting to be in an environment of my peers who came from all over! If you ask my husband he will tell you that the night before I left I could hardly sleep since the excitement was building up. This was my first time attending!

Makeup for Mehron

Makeup for Mehron

I made sure to get there early and there was already a line of people ready to get access to the hottest brands. I went in with a game plan, or so I thought. When I reached the 5th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center I just didn’t know where to begin. I walked around to see the who’s who in the industry and introduce myself to brands that I wanted to familiarize myself with.

I had to act quickly though because Renny Vasquez was set to start his keynote at 10:30. He is such an inspirational makeup artist. He shared with us some of his techniques and

Me and Renny Vaszquez

Me and Renny Vaszquez

tricks. What really stood out to me were two things. First, singer Brandy created a surprise video giving him encouraging words. That spoke highly of his artistry. He also spoke of his industry mentors with powerhouse names like Sam Fine and James Vincent. But what spoke of his character is how he shed tears when he shared his journey starting out as a shampoo assistant and had been doing that job all the way up to last year. He gave all honor to God and it touched me in a way that no one really has. I almost cried. He is the Cinderella story of the makeup industry.


Me and Orlando Santiago

Me and Orlando Santiago

I then took classes on foundation and building your kit and even some bridal. These workshops challenged me to think of makeup more critically as more than just what colors to use. Orlando Santiago encouraged his students to think of how products will work with each other based on their chemistry makeup. I hadn’t much given it thought. He spoke of pitfalls to avoid and etc.



One of the greatest takeaways from the whole

Me and Danessa Myrick

Me and Danessa Myrick

event was the portfolio review at the end of the show. I felt awful because I didn’t even realize this would be offered so I didn’t have my printed portfolio. I had to pull together a digital one and pray for the best. Well I got advice from Danessa Myricks, Orlando Santiago and James Vincent. They could feel my passion and liked my work! They gave me tips on how to present my portfolio and gave me hope for my future. I left The Makeup Show Chicago floating on cloud 9!




Fun in the Sun Part 1

I know May is quickly coming to a close but I can’t let it end without acknowledging that it is skin cancer awareness month. Did you know that your skin is your largest organ and that it requires care and upkeep just like your internal organs? Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer and each year more than 2 MILLION people are diagnosed in the UNITED STATES. If you head over to the Skin Cancer Foundation some of the statistics will shock you. Here are some of the most staggering facts:

  • Over the past three decades, more people have had skin cancer than all other cancers combined.
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime
  • One person dies of melanoma every hour
  • Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most common skin cancer among African Americans and Asian Indians.
  • Late-stage melanoma diagnoses are more prevalent among minority patients than Caucasian patients; 52 percent of non-Hispanic black patients and 26 percent of Hispanic patients receive an initial diagnosis of advanced stage melanoma, versus 16 percent of non-Hispanic white patients (It also is more fatal because of the late diagnosis)

I don’t know about you but this makes me want to bathe in sunscreen!!!! These facts are staggering and there are preventative measures you can take. Let’s start with sunscreen.

While researching this article I came across some interesting articles about ingredients. When selecting a sunscreen you want to look for titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide as active ingredients. While I’m not  a doctor or part of the FDA there have been several warnings against oxybenzone as an active ingredient. In some instances ozybenzone has been linked to hormone disruption and cell damage that can lead to cancer. Unfortunately it’s a popular ingredient in many products. Some products without it are Coola and Neutrogena’s Pure and Free. Be sure that whatever product you buy that it is broad spectrum and it will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays which both cause skin cancer.

Many companies have powder and liquid foundations that have some level of SPF in it. However, according to Miami dermatologist Leslie Baumann it may not be wise to rely solely on these products for your SPF needs. According to Baumann you would have to apply 14 times the normal amount of your product in order to get the SPF listed on the bottle. There are oil free and non comedogenic broad spectrum sunscreen products that will not cause your skin to break out.

Be sure to protect your lips as well! After all it is covered with skin! Instead of using a lip gloss try a tinted lip balm of course with an SPF in it. Did you know that shiny glosses will reflect the sunlight which in turn can lead to an increased risk of a burn? The more you know!!!

Stay tuned to this series as we will cover cool ways to stay protected, what signs to look for on your body and will have a skin cancer survivor’s story!!!

My 6 Must Have Products

Imagine that you’ve won a trip to a tropical island but you had to leave in the next few hours. Aside from getting your clothes and shoes together you have to figure out what of your beauty products you are going to take. This can be such a task with all the shadows and lipsticks and such that are out there. I mean it’s imperative that you have everything you need right??!! But let’s just say that you don’t have enough time to fully plan out your looks. This could be a huge issue! Or is it? Really there are only 6 things I really need when it comes to my makeup routine. Everything else is just an added bonus.

image (9)1. Facial Cleansing Wipes. It’s sticky and muggy on this island. The humidity alone will keep your skin moistened. I would use the face wipes in the morning and again at night to cleanse my skin of oil and makeup. This way you don’t run into any extra breakouts because who needs that on vacay? I’ve been using Almay oil free wipes.

2. Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF.  Need I say more? It’s an absolute must have item. You can’t be outside in the sun with no protection. It greatly reduces your risk for skin cancer and besides the sun will quickly age your skin. Nobody wants to look older than they are. Pictured is the High Resolution Refill 3X by Lancome.

3. Concealer. A little goes a long way. Only use it where needed so you don’t have to later your face up with foundation. Plus you don’t want to have a cake face on the island! I swear by Milani’s Secret Cover Concealer which provides amazing coverage at an amazing price!

4. Eyebrow Pencil/Powder. Whichever one you use! Brows frame your face and so never leave home without them. I love Anastasia’s Brow Wiz but lately I’ve been using Chanel.

5. Black Eyeliner. I like to line my inner rims to give my eyes definition. If you smudge your liner you can also give yourself a smokey eye that’s quick and easy to do. I got this Stila liner in a makeup kit from Ulta not too long ago and I love it!

6. Mascara. Just like brows I never leave home without it. It’s amazing what having lashes can do for your eyes. Lancome’s Hypnose Drama mascara is great for pumping up those lashes.

Bonus: Ok because I totally forgot about this but a lipstick that can double as a blush. Besides everyone has a tube of lipstick already in her purse!

The Beauty Industry Game Changer

Grace Choi. Get to know that name! She may be the sole person responsible for a shift in the $55 Billion beauty industry. How? With a little device called Mink. Choi is a Harvard Business student and an obvious beauty addict with a chip against the machine. She is competing with the prestige beauty brands in regards to cost and the mass brands in terms of color shades and availability. How? With MInk, a 3-D printer that allows users to print ANY color eye shadow directly from the web to an eye shadow pod. She plans to expand to foundations, blushes, lipsticks and powder!

This is HUGE!!!!!!!

She is selling the device for $300 which in my opinion is not a lot when you think of all you can get. Heck no need to buy another Naked pallet or other high end product. I spend many more times that in a year on cosmetics. Most of us do without even realizing it! I am so intrigued by the capability of being able to click on any color from any picture you find online, get the hex code from that color and then print it. In 3-D. MIND BLOWN!

It’s even more mind blowing when you see Grace demo it here

Well I can’t wait to see it in action! This is a true game changer for the beauty industry! Mass and prestige better catch her if they can!

Beauty Deals & Steals: Lancome is in gift!

My pretty new tote

My pretty new tote

If you’re a total beauty product junkie like me then you know the 3 words no one can resist: gift with purchase! GWP are amazing because for the price of a few beauty items, you get more! So I may be a little biased because I love my counter manager at the Macy’s near me so when she calls I have to answer.

This spring gift is great because you get a pretty tote in blue or red. I got the blue tote because the red looked like a pinky red and it just wasn’t my fave. I love that the tote doesn’t have the Lacome logo everywhere. I am just not a huge fan of bags that have the name brand everywhere. Have I always been this way? No but I learned from the error of my ways lol!

This lovely gift can be yours with any $35 or more Lancome purchase. I bought the Star Bronzer Intense which was exactly $35! The bronzer is perfect for the upcoming summer months to keep my skin glowing. Now that I got my product and my bag picked out I had to actually pick out my gifts!!!!

You get to choose a daytime moisturizer and corresponding eye cream. I chose the High Resolution Refill-3X which fights wrinkles. Now that my 20′s are gone I have to start thinking about my future! I then got to choose a makeup product. There were two different 5 shadow palettes and two juicy tubes to choose from. I went with the Blush Sweetness Color Design Palette because of the pinks and gold toned colors go great with my new bronzer. You also get a trial size of the Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover and the Hypnose Drama Mascara.

I'm excited for my new products!!

I’m excited for my new products!!

I can’t wait to post my new bronzy look!

Beauty in Review! Met Gala 2014


#488398487 / gettyimages.com I don’t know how it happens but somehow the Met Gala sneaks up on me every year! For those not familiar, the Met Gala is an annual fundraiser which benefits the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. … Continue reading