Skin Cancer Selfie

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I hope you all are having a beautiful week and everyone is safe from this latest round of storms!!

imagesSo we all should know by now that tanning beds are just a big NO and are directly exposing people to UV Rays which are cancer causing. As a licensed esthetician I have seen some things in my day regarding skin that has been exposed to constant tanning and it’s not really a great sight. Some of the older women I run across worshiped the sun in their youth and are paying for it now in the form of age spots, leathery textured skin and uneven tone. Each and every one tells me that they would do things differently if they knew then what they know now.

I am still baffled as to why young people in their teens and twenties spend so much time in a UV tanning bed. I try to preach sun screen and protecting their skin but many just don’t care unfortunately. I even had a young girl in her twenties ask what she could do to stop her skin from wrinkling and being uneven and I simply told her no product would help her as long as she was still tanning. Needless to say she flat out told me that she would not stop tanning.

This saddens me because skin cancer is very deadly and can spread throughout the body quickly and aggressively. Your skin is your largest organ yet people mistreat it. Regardless of your ethnicity you need sun screen and you need to reapply it. A tan indicates that the skin is damaged. There are other alternatives to keeping a tan year round and that is of course spray tanning and self tanners that use DHA to change the skin tone. The formulations are far more advanced than before and won’t leave you orange!

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Make it a great day beauties!!! And stay protected from the sun!


You Can Be An Angel Too!

I don’t know about you guys but last night I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was taped in London a few weeks ago. This year I was more excited than ever because of the media frenzy leading up to the taping. All of the major mags shared pictures aboard the chartered flight to London which made all of us majorly jealous. They were greeted by VS blankets and swag bags and there was a cute pink carpet on the runway.

This years show certainly didn’t disappoint. The visuals were even more stunning, the wings were larger and the entertainment was superb. But of course I was paying attention to the makeup. According to key makeup artist Dick Page this year’s show was less focused on bronzed beauty and focused instead on a glow from within. He used minimal foundation, made sure skin was properly hydrated and that he actually used a red cream color by Kryolan to create a healthy flush in the cheek and nose area.

So angels, you too can get that lit from within glow using just a few key items.

My take on Victoria's Secret Angel Makeup

I’m a VS Angel!

  1. Tinted Moisturizer. I used one from NYX which helped me hydrate my skin and give me just enough coverage to even my skin tone.
  2. Rosy Blush. Dick Page used a Kryolan color which is popular in theatrical makeup. However, you can get a nice flush from Benetint by Benefit. It’s a red cheek stain and looks great on multiple skin tones and can be layered for added effect.
  3. Taupe eye shadow works well on all skin tones and adds definition but still looks very natural. Try the Hefner Eye Shadow by Love, Beauty Cosmetics. For my look I also layered brown and black eye liner and topped it with a Rimmel mascara.
  4. Pink Lips. This was the theme of last night. Some pinks were soft and innocent while others were bold and brazen but they never strayed. For this look I used Honey Lust Lipstick by Love, Beauty Cosmetics and mixed it with Paint Job Lip Gloss also by Love, Beauty Cosmetics. There are also other soft pink options like Ballet Slipper and Mingle all by Love, Beauty Cosmetics.

Leave your Angel inspired pics below!

Blushing Gilt: A production by Love, Beauty Cosmetics

Happy Makeup Monday Beauties!

Blushing GiltI know I say this every time but I have been so crazy working on a project so big that it consumed me for a little while. I have launched my Love, Beauty Cosmetics company and I have named my very first fall collection Blushing Gilt.

Fall has been the inspiration behind this introductory collection. I was inspired by the clothes that are hot this fall. Honestly, I have to give thanks to Lubna of Lubna Designs for her inspiring fall collection. From the new wardrobe I was able to pull colors for both eyeshadows and lips that would complement them.

What sets me apart is that my shadows are triple milled and come packed with pigment yet are easily blended. The hues will create any fall look that is perfect for the day or night. The lipsticks and glosses complement the shadows nicely as well and are packed with Vitamin E which nourishes and protects the lips.

Stay posted for the official launch! Have a Beautiful Day!

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Pro Artist Weekend: Washington DC

Happy Monday Beauties! Boy oh boy it’s been a busy two weeks for me. There’s been a lot going on but I want to share with you my experiences at the Pro Artist Weekend put on by Makeup Forever.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with Makeup Forever you need to stop what you’re doing and check them out. They are one of my absolute favorite brands and their products continue to get better and better. One of the reasons you may not be as familiar with them is because there are only a handful of boutiques across the country. However their staple products can be found at your local Sephora.


My daughters and I

My daughters and I

In an effort to expand brand awareness, they have put on pro artist weekends in cities that do not have a boutique. Of course nothing comes to Ohio so I decided to go to the one in Washington DC. I made it a mini family vacation. I was a tourist for a day and then it was time to get to work and take some classes.

Day 1 was free!! There were demos that were put on by seasoned artists. The first was for bridal makeup. It was great because I learned some techniques on making makeup last for a long time of course using Makeup Forever’s products. Next was the flawless foundation demo that was led by Mr. AJ Crimson. He is a phenomenal artist who also has his own collection of foundations. That class was great because I learned some things about texture and choosing the right products. Next up was a class geared towards editorial makeup and how to transform a look for multiple shots. It really showed me to have a story whenever I go into a shoot.The day wrapped up with AJ Crimson returning to talk about building your personal brand and how to get to where you want to be.


AJ Crimson speaking about his experiences


Day 2 was the hands on portion. It was very reasonble at $125 redeemable in product. I got my hands on some great products like the flash neutral pallet and a couple of lip pallets. The class I took was advanced and was geared for red carpet/special event makeup. I challenge myself now to pay attention to every detail because it all matters.

I love that Makeup Forever put these classes on. I’ve always been an advocate for the brand and I’m glad I got to connect with them on an artist level. They have classes coming up in a few other cities so hurry and register!!!

My 6 Must Have Products

Imagine that you’ve won a trip to a tropical island but you had to leave in the next few hours. Aside from getting your clothes and shoes together you have to figure out what of your beauty products you are going to take. This can be such a task with all the shadows and lipsticks and such that are out there. I mean it’s imperative that you have everything you need right??!! But let’s just say that you don’t have enough time to fully plan out your looks. This could be a huge issue! Or is it? Really there are only 6 things I really need when it comes to my makeup routine. Everything else is just an added bonus.

image (9)1. Facial Cleansing Wipes. It’s sticky and muggy on this island. The humidity alone will keep your skin moistened. I would use the face wipes in the morning and again at night to cleanse my skin of oil and makeup. This way you don’t run into any extra breakouts because who needs that on vacay? I’ve been using Almay oil free wipes.

2. Oil Free Moisturizer with SPF.  Need I say more? It’s an absolute must have item. You can’t be outside in the sun with no protection. It greatly reduces your risk for skin cancer and besides the sun will quickly age your skin. Nobody wants to look older than they are. Pictured is the High Resolution Refill 3X by Lancome.

3. Concealer. A little goes a long way. Only use it where needed so you don’t have to later your face up with foundation. Plus you don’t want to have a cake face on the island! I swear by Milani’s Secret Cover Concealer which provides amazing coverage at an amazing price!

4. Eyebrow Pencil/Powder. Whichever one you use! Brows frame your face and so never leave home without them. I love Anastasia’s Brow Wiz but lately I’ve been using Chanel.

5. Black Eyeliner. I like to line my inner rims to give my eyes definition. If you smudge your liner you can also give yourself a smokey eye that’s quick and easy to do. I got this Stila liner in a makeup kit from Ulta not too long ago and I love it!

6. Mascara. Just like brows I never leave home without it. It’s amazing what having lashes can do for your eyes. Lancome’s Hypnose Drama mascara is great for pumping up those lashes.

Bonus: Ok because I totally forgot about this but a lipstick that can double as a blush. Besides everyone has a tube of lipstick already in her purse!