Skin Cancer Selfie

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imagesSo we all should know by now that tanning beds are just a big NO and are directly exposing people to UV Rays which are cancer causing. As a licensed esthetician I have seen some things in my day regarding skin that has been exposed to constant tanning and it’s not really a great sight. Some of the older women I run across worshiped the sun in their youth and are paying for it now in the form of age spots, leathery textured skin and uneven tone. Each and every one tells me that they would do things differently if they knew then what they know now.

I am still baffled as to why young people in their teens and twenties spend so much time in a UV tanning bed. I try to preach sun screen and protecting their skin but many just don’t care unfortunately. I even had a young girl in her twenties ask what she could do to stop her skin from wrinkling and being uneven and I simply told her no product would help her as long as she was still tanning. Needless to say she flat out told me that she would not stop tanning.

This saddens me because skin cancer is very deadly and can spread throughout the body quickly and aggressively. Your skin is your largest organ yet people mistreat it. Regardless of your ethnicity you need sun screen and you need to reapply it. A tan indicates that the skin is damaged. There are other alternatives to keeping a tan year round and that is of course spray tanning and self tanners that use DHA to change the skin tone. The formulations are far more advanced than before and won’t leave you orange!

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Make it a great day beauties!!! And stay protected from the sun!


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