The Beauty Industry Game Changer

Grace Choi. Get to know that name! She may be the sole person responsible for a shift in the $55 Billion beauty industry. How? With a little device called Mink. Choi is a Harvard Business student and an obvious beauty addict with a chip against the machine. She is competing with the prestige beauty brands in regards to cost and the mass brands in terms of color shades and availability. How? With MInk, a 3-D printer that allows users to print ANY color eye shadow directly from the web to an eye shadow pod. She plans to expand to foundations, blushes, lipsticks and powder!

This is HUGE!!!!!!!

She is selling the device for $300 which in my opinion is not a lot when you think of all you can get. Heck no need to buy another Naked pallet or other high end product. I spend many more times that in a year on cosmetics. Most of us do without even realizing it! I am so intrigued by the capability of being able to click on any color from any picture you find online, get the hex code from that color and then print it. In 3-D. MIND BLOWN!

It’s even more mind blowing when you see Grace demo it here

Well I can’t wait to see it in action! This is a true game changer for the beauty industry! Mass and prestige better catch her if they can!

Fab or Fad: Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Have you heard the rave reviews of Coconut Oil? There are so many people who absolutely swear by this stuff so I had to check it out for myself. You know I am always skeptical of “miracle products” and I question whether a product really lives up to its hype.

Each jar is around $7 and you can get it at the grocery store. Visit to read my full review and see if coconut oil gets rated Fab or Fad!

Fab or Fad: Too Faced’s Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick

image (3)Hi there and welcome to The Love Beauty Project!!! I had the chance of trying out the new long lasting lip colors from Too Faced!! They join the ranks of Makeup Forever, Stila, Cover Girl and more in the world of lip colors that last. They’ve got some vibrant colors that are perfect for the spring and summer. I had such a hard time picking out just one!

Too Faced’s Melted lip colors are packaged in a tube that is angled. It’s almost like a lip gloss tube. The design helps make sure the color goes on in the places that you want. It feels much like a gloss and is designed to be a stain, gloss, and lip stick in one.

When I put it on it definitely felt like a gloss. In fact I had to blot some down!!! The color payoff was phenomenal. I love how vibrant and pigmented the colors are. What you see is truly what you get. I got the most compliments from the Melted Fuchsia and Melted Violet.

Too Faced's Melted Lipcolors L-R Melted Fuchsia, Melted Coral, Melted Violet and Melted Peony

Too Faced’s Melted Lipcolors L-R Melted Fuchsia, Melted Coral, Melted Violet and Melted Peony

After a little while the color was still vibrant but the glossy feeling wore off. Now this is great news for my girls who love lip color but not gloss. However, for myself and others with dry lips, it’s not so great. I had to put on gloss which took away from the impact of the original color. I also found that after any meal, the color didn’t last. I think this questions the credibility of long lasting. I have used other brands that will last through a meal and definitely longer than 5 hours without having to re apply.

Overall the best thing going is the color. The payoff is great. However it’s not long lasting as it claims. It definitely won’t make it through a meal. For the price ($21) there are other brands that last longer and are still hydrating to lips. In my opinion this product is a FAD and I don’t think I would repurchase it. This doesn’t take away the fact that I still love the colors.