Ask Faith: Braving the Brazilian

My friends and family always turn to me when they have questions about beauty. They ask about the best products and procedures. And now you can too! No question is too big or too small! Don’t be shy!!

When it comes to waxing down there many women get shy and understandably so. So many people ask me what getting a Brazilian wax is like. I’m always truthful. It does not feel that great but it’s not the worst pain in the world and the pain is over pretty quick. Here’s a quick checklist I always give to everyone who gets one:

brazilian wax

1. Prep yourself. Take a pain reliever up to an hour before the service. Some people feel this helps cut down on how much pain you experience during the wax.

2. Ask your waxer if they have a numbing agent. There are so many numbing creams that work well and start working in a matter of minutes.

3. Pull. TightYour waxer will put you in various positions to make hair removal easier. Pull your skin as taught as possible as this alleviates the pain and reduces the risk of tearing your skin.

4. Get the Backside done. As in your rear. Just trust me it’s worth it!

5. Take care of the results. One thing I always try to stress to my friends and client alike is the importance of aftercare. If you want to reduce the chance of getting ingrowns follow all post care instructions. Use TendSkin or Finipil. They are great at keeping your Brazilian wax free from ingrowns and breakouts.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That’s what we are here for!!!! I am never offended if a client has a question about a service they are going to receive. I will let you know what kind of wax I use and why I’m using a certain technique. It’s a major red flag if your esthtetician is unwilling to answer your questions. You are the client and you kinda help pay our bills!!! We want to keep you happy!

7. Keep getting them done. Period.  You can adjust how much hair you want or if you want a landing strip instead of a triangle with each appointment. However, you will get the best results if you keep getting them done. The hair will grow back finer, each wax will get easier and you will look forward to your next waxing appointment.

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