Out With The Old; In With 2015

2014 was the year of some major beauty dos that I want to see carry forward and many don’ts that never should have been. Here is my little fun list of what 2014 was and what I hope 2015 will be.

Let It Go!

bad browsThe year of dipbrow and “Instagram” brows. Anastasia Beverly Hills is known for all things brows and in 2014 she launched the sometimes infamous dip brow pomade. This product is almost gel like in consistency and has to be applied with a brush. Inexperienced hands tend to over do it and create these very unnatural “Instagram” brows that are sculpted and carved with concealer. This is a trend I hope ends in 2014. One can be hopeful right?

Brint it On!

Instead I like to opt for brows that are full yet not harsh. I want to still see your brow hair not a sharpie like line. And instead of sculpting the brows with concealer, practice getting the proper shape and then clean up as needed.

Let It Go!

bad contouring

Heavy contour and highlight. Anyone who knows me knows how much I despise the overuse of highlight and contour. Ugh. It’s like why even use foundation anymore. Very rarely do these looks translate well in real life and is certainly not needed for everyday wear. When done properly it looks very nice but these YouTube gurus have these consumers fooled into thinking that this is A. a new trend B. you need very specific products to achieve and C. that the highlight and contour placement is the same for everyone. Do me a favor this year and put this trend to its death.

Bring It On!

What happened to beautiful glowing skin? I want that back for 2015. It just looks so healthy! If you still desire some highlight and contour use a deeper and lighter shade foundation. It will blend nicer and look much more subtle and pretty. Let’s forgo the zebra stripes and actually blend our makeup. A subtle contour effect can also be achieved with your choice of blush.

Let It Go!

bad mascara

Spider/Thick/Too Much Lashes. Who doesn’t love a lovely set of lashes. Honestly your lashes can make or break your makeup look. However clumpy mascara isn’t the way to go. I know you’ve seen it; those 3D fiber lashes. And in my opinion they are terrible. They look clumpy and they will break your makeup look. The same applies to super long and super thick stacked lashes. They also have a way of making your eyelids look heavy and can actually close your eyes making them appear smaller. Just. Say. No.

Bring It On!

Instead you can opt for beautiful lash extensions that will look more natural and you can skip that step during your morning makeup routine. If you prefer the mascara route then a great tip is to wiggle the applicator from side to side as you apply mascara. This will help reduce clumps. Also as you pull the wand from the tube be sure to remove excess product. If you still get a few clumps you can take a clean mascara wand or spooley and go over your lashes to remove.


Let’s make 2015 our most beautiful year yet!!

beautiful makeup for 2015


You Can Be An Angel Too!

I don’t know about you guys but last night I watched the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which was taped in London a few weeks ago. This year I was more excited than ever because of the media frenzy leading up to the taping. All of the major mags shared pictures aboard the chartered flight to London which made all of us majorly jealous. They were greeted by VS blankets and swag bags and there was a cute pink carpet on the runway.

This years show certainly didn’t disappoint. The visuals were even more stunning, the wings were larger and the entertainment was superb. But of course I was paying attention to the makeup. According to key makeup artist Dick Page this year’s show was less focused on bronzed beauty and focused instead on a glow from within. He used minimal foundation, made sure skin was properly hydrated and that he actually used a red cream color by Kryolan to create a healthy flush in the cheek and nose area.

So angels, you too can get that lit from within glow using just a few key items.

My take on Victoria's Secret Angel Makeup

I’m a VS Angel!

  1. Tinted Moisturizer. I used one from NYX which helped me hydrate my skin and give me just enough coverage to even my skin tone.
  2. Rosy Blush. Dick Page used a Kryolan color which is popular in theatrical makeup. However, you can get a nice flush from Benetint by Benefit. It’s a red cheek stain and looks great on multiple skin tones and can be layered for added effect.
  3. Taupe eye shadow works well on all skin tones and adds definition but still looks very natural. Try the Hefner Eye Shadow by Love, Beauty Cosmetics. For my look I also layered brown and black eye liner and topped it with a Rimmel mascara.
  4. Pink Lips. This was the theme of last night. Some pinks were soft and innocent while others were bold and brazen but they never strayed. For this look I used Honey Lust Lipstick by Love, Beauty Cosmetics and mixed it with Paint Job Lip Gloss also by Love, Beauty Cosmetics. There are also other soft pink options like Ballet Slipper and Mingle all by Love, Beauty Cosmetics.

Leave your Angel inspired pics below!