The Ban on Microbeads

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I’m so happy to start another week. Each new week is an opportunity to be great! My grandpa always told me that you should learn something new everyday. And well today I’m going to give you the run down on microbeads and how you can safely and effectively exfoliate your skin!

Last week, Illinois became the first state to place a ban on products that contain microbeads. These microbeads are found in many facial and body care products and they are made up of plastic. Well due to their small size, when they are washed down the drain they are missed by the filtration system and end up in our lakes, rivers, and oceans. Since they are so small, fish and other sea creatures often mistake them for fish eggs and eat them as food. Well this is extremely dangerous as these animals are ingesting toxins which in turn hurts the food supply.

Many large companies are looking at using alternative exfoliating sources. Here’s where my concern as an esthetician comes in. Many companies will use natural exfoliants like flawless skinapricot and walnut shells. However I am totally against that. The problem is that mediums like apricot and walnut are uneven. They can be extremely damaging to the skin because you are not getting an even exfoliation. I have had clients whose skin was very rough due to scrubs that contained these ingredients. They are fine for other body parts but absolutely not for the face.

I have never been a proponent for scrubs for the face in the first place. I think the facial skin is so delicate and should be treated as such. However, if you absolutely must have a scrub for your face, use one that contains jojoba beads. The jojoba beads are even and spherical and jojoba is a great hydrator for your skin. I however prefer AHA and BHA exfoliants. My favorite exfoliators contain lactic, glycolic or salicylic acid depending on what skin issues you are trying to fix. Lactic and glycolic are great for bringing new skin to the surface while not drying your skin out. Salicylic is designed for more acneic skin. They dissolve the dead layer of skin to get fresh skin to come out and is the safest for the skin. Of course you should see an esthetician for a good enzyme facial to really help your skin be flawless!

If you currently have any products with microbeads in them, please properly dispose of it and replace those products with ones that are safer for our environment. Any questions comments or concerns/

The Makeup Show Chicago Part 1

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Makeup by Roshar for Makeup First

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First off, I owe you all a HUGE apology. I had some technical issues and that prevented me from being able to keep you posted on my adventures. So we have a ton of things to catch up on! For starters, this past weekend I went all the way to Chicago (it’s really not that far lol) for The Makeup Show. This is America’s largest PRO ONLY makeup event. It was so exciting to be in an environment of my peers who came from all over! If you ask my husband he will tell you that the night before I left I could hardly sleep since the excitement was building up. This was my first time attending!

Makeup for Mehron

Makeup for Mehron

I made sure to get there early and there was already a line of people ready to get access to the hottest brands. I went in with a game plan, or so I thought. When I reached the 5th floor of the Bridgeport Art Center I just didn’t know where to begin. I walked around to see the who’s who in the industry and introduce myself to brands that I wanted to familiarize myself with.

I had to act quickly though because Renny Vasquez was set to start his keynote at 10:30. He is such an inspirational makeup artist. He shared with us some of his techniques and

Me and Renny Vaszquez

Me and Renny Vaszquez

tricks. What really stood out to me were two things. First, singer Brandy created a surprise video giving him encouraging words. That spoke highly of his artistry. He also spoke of his industry mentors with powerhouse names like Sam Fine and James Vincent. But what spoke of his character is how he shed tears when he shared his journey starting out as a shampoo assistant and had been doing that job all the way up to last year. He gave all honor to God and it touched me in a way that no one really has. I almost cried. He is the Cinderella story of the makeup industry.


Me and Orlando Santiago

Me and Orlando Santiago

I then took classes on foundation and building your kit and even some bridal. These workshops challenged me to think of makeup more critically as more than just what colors to use. Orlando Santiago encouraged his students to think of how products will work with each other based on their chemistry makeup. I hadn’t much given it thought. He spoke of pitfalls to avoid and etc.



One of the greatest takeaways from the whole

Me and Danessa Myrick

Me and Danessa Myrick

event was the portfolio review at the end of the show. I felt awful because I didn’t even realize this would be offered so I didn’t have my printed portfolio. I had to pull together a digital one and pray for the best. Well I got advice from Danessa Myricks, Orlando Santiago and James Vincent. They could feel my passion and liked my work! They gave me tips on how to present my portfolio and gave me hope for my future. I left The Makeup Show Chicago floating on cloud 9!